What: targetmaker is a drop in replacement for the application that comes with RTG. It greatly increases the functionality of the default application and adds a great deal more automation.

Why: SNMP is confusing enough as it is, people need a simple way to collect information on devices via SNMP without having to learn to pour over MIB files. targetmaker allows a user to simply make a file with a list of devices, one per line. That's it. The application does the rest. There is even an application that creates this file for you by scanning your network for SNMP enabled devices. On a large network creating configuration manually for SNMP is very time consuming, keeping them up to date is near impossible.

Who: Just about anyone can set it up and use it as long as they know how to install some simple packages.

When: You'll have it up and running in minutes after you have all the software installed. No spending hours going thru each device in your configuration and telling your software what stats to poll from it. No having to manaully keep your information up to date, just run targetmaker nightly, kill -HUP rtgpoll, and you're now up to date with any changes that have been made to devices.

Supported modules and stats
(Please ignore the terrible formating)

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AppleAirport X
ExtendedIf X
ExtremeSNMP XX
Netapp XXXX
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